Baseball Fielding Fundamentals Series – Top 20 Fielding Tips

The All Other Places feels the following 20 fundamental fielding tips will help your child or your team play better defense.  Playing good defense is the goal for every good baseball coach and by placing focus on these tips you can see improvement right a way.  Over the next several days please look for fundamental defense and fielding drills that will help develop your player’s skills. Continue reading “Baseball Fielding Fundamentals Series – Top 20 Fielding Tips”

Baseball Conditioning Series – Part 2

Baseball Conditioning – Hamstring Stretch:

  1. Spread your legs just over shoulder width apart.  As you get better and more flexible increase the distance of the spread.
  2. Reach with both hands down to the right ankle/foot.
  3. Keep the legs straight to feel the stretch of the hamstring.
  4. Hold for 10 seconds, repeat 10 times
  5. Switch legs and repeat.

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Baserunning: Fundamentals of making the turn at first

  1. The player should explode out of the batter’s box just as they did when trying to beat out an infield hit.
  2. As the player approaches first base they should start to move outside the baseline slightly (about 5 feet or so) and begin their turn around first about 20 feet from the base.
  3. The player should make the turn and contact the inside portion of the base closest to the pitcher’s mound while pulling their left arm down hard and shifting their weight slightly to the left to help facilitate an accurate turn.
  4. The player should push off the edge of the base and be at full speed as they turn around first. Without being at top speed here it’s unlikely for the player to be able to advance to second should there be a late or errant throw.
  5. As the player leans to the left and contacts the base they should be looking to pick up the ball.  For a player to be thinking about going to second they must locate the baseball to ensure they know what is happening in the field.  If the defense gives them the opportunity they are in a position to take the extra base.  If not they chop step to a stop and return to first base.

Our next post will give you a drill you can use to work the baserunning fundamental of making a turn at first.

Talk to you then.

Baserunning: Making the turn at first and getting to second

Teach your players to develop a “get to second” mindset when the ball is hit to the outfield regardless of where it’s hit. They should be thinking second base on base hits, fly outs and when the defense makes an error. You never know when an outfielder will bobble the ball or make a slow play on it giving the runner time to take the extra base. One thing is for sure if the runner isn’t thinking second base you can be assured they will not be in a position to take it should the defense make an error. Continue reading “Baserunning: Making the turn at first and getting to second”

Baserunning Drill: Home to First

To continue our series on baserunning we will now add a drill you can use to work on getting out of the batter’s box and running through first base.  This drill, when done correctly will improve the skills of every level player.

Drill Purpose:  Drill is designed to teach your players how to run through first base. Continue reading “Baserunning Drill: Home to First”

Running to and Through First Base

Getting started with a baserunning series starts at teaching you players how to break from home plate quickly once contact has been made with the baseball.  It’s important that all players run hard from home to first every time regardless of where the ball is hit.

A well-coached team stands out when their players run out ground balls, fly outs and pop-ups at full speed. Continue reading “Running to and Through First Base”

BASEBALL DRILL – Running to First – Younger Players


DRILL TYPE:  Baserunning

PURPOSE: This drill is designed to increase the speed of the player getting out of the batter’s box and running to first base when balls are hit to the infield.  It’s used to help younger players understand the need to run all the way through the base each and every time.  Used mainly in Tee-ball when players don’t usually take extra bases. 


PLAYERS:  Any number of players 

TIME: 10 minutes Continue reading “BASEBALL DRILL – Running to First – Younger Players”